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From Das to Singh- Journey of Dharminder Singh
Dharminder Singh of the Ludhiana district was born in Bihaar to a Hindu family as Dharminder Das. In an attempt to lift themselves out of poverty, his family moved to Punjab in search for better employment opportunities, eventually, settling in...
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A Pleasant Surprise: SAF Sponsored Family Has Their Fortunes Change In An Unimaginable Way!
In January this year, SAF Canada surveyors approved Gurpreet Singh's Son for the Educate-A-Child program. His family lives out of a small one bedroom home in Ludhiana and their only mode of transportation is a bicycle. Six months later our...
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Ending child marriage and providing tools for education to a young lady from Gujarat
(June 17, 2017) GUJARAT: Poonam Kaur lives in extreme poverty with her mother, sister and 7 other people in a single room house. Despite her atrocious living conditions, Poonam has shown continued resilience and strength by becoming the only child...
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80 year old Grandma taking care of orphaned grandchildren
Mehakpreet and her brother, Sahilpreet, both live in Amritsar with their grandma. Their parents have both passed away, leaving their children under the care of one of the few relatives they have left. Their grandma is now 80 years old,...
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